The 2022 fall session for judo starts Tuesday, September 5, 2023!

It is a real pleasure to welcome you!

 The purpose of this website is to encourage communication and participation between our club members and to provide a  place where newcomers can learn more about the pursuit of excellence in Judo.

 Judo is a martial art and a sport. It is a passion for participants all over the world!

 Whether you are interested in recreational practice, to challenge yourself or if you are looking to participate  competitively, Dojo Perrot Shima is open to all! 
 In our club, you are encouraged to challenge yourself to the highest levels  while developing your fitness in a fun and  friendly environment

See you at the Dojo!


 The mission of Dojo Perrot Shima is to make the practice of  judo available to anyone and everyone who is interested in  training in an enjoyable and respectful environment.


 To develop our members skills by working together and  challenging ourselves.If you are interested in learning  more about our club please feel free to contact us.

Dojo Perrot Shima is the only judo club accredited by Judo Quebec in the Ile Perrot region.

Beware of non accredited people offering judo lessons. Always check if the instructors have a legitimate Black Belt, has NCCP certifications, is registered with Judo Canada and Judo Quebec, has liability insurance and has had a police verification done to prove they have no criminal record. 

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